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Angels FSL Sets Pg. 1

FSL Patriotic Angel One.JPG FSL Patriotic Angel Two.JPG FSL Patriotic Angel Three.JPG FSL Patriotic Angel Four.JPG FSL Patriotic Angel Ten.JPG

FSL Patriotic Angels


01 w mylar in heart.JPG Country Angels 03.JPG Country Angels 05.JPG Country Angels 07.JPG Country Angels 09.JPG Country Angels 10.JPG

FSL Country Angels


There are only 10 angels in this set. The first two pictured are the same except the first one shows her with Mylar in the heart and the second one is with the Mylar removed from the heart. These can be stitched with or without Mylar.

Country Angels 02 Sized.jpg Country Angels 08 Sized.jpg 01 wo mylar in heart Sized.jpg Country Angels 04 Sized.jpg Country Angels 06.JPG BCAngel1.jpg BCAngel2.jpg BCAngel3.jpg BCAngel4.jpg BCAngel5.jpg BCAngel6.jpg BCAngel7.jpg BCAngel8.jpg BCAngel9.jpg BCAngel10.jpg

These Angels are aprox. 2" tall.

FSL Pocket Angels



FSL Bonnet Angel Girl


SSFSLBonnetAngelGirlwe.jpg SSFSLGirlBonnetAngel.jpg

FSL Breast Cancer Angels


SSFSLStarAngel1.jpg SSFSLAngelOne.jpg SSFSLAngelTwo.jpg SSFSLAngelThree.jpg

FSL Praying Angels


SSFSLStarAngel3.jpg SSFSLStarAngel4.jpg SSFSLStarAngel 5.jpg

FSLStar Angels


2.png .3.png 4.png 5.png

FSL Jacobean Angels