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Embroidery Glitter Designs

 These Designs are all stitched on


 Embroidery Glitter from BFC-Stash

Coming soon more designs for Embroidery Glitter.

I  don’t know when I’ve enjoyed working with a product as much as I do this one. It comes in such a wide array of colors and is a dream to work with. These designs are done in applique and after the final satin stitch the excess glitter just pulls right off. It can be fused before or after stitching and after it’s fused it is completely washable and dryable. It can also be used on paper for cards. Be sure to save all your scraps as very tiny pieces will work on some designs.

Glitter Butterflies


These designs can be stitched as regular fabric applique also.

Glitter Angels


Glitter Butterfly 1 Sized.jpg Glitter Butterfly 2 Sized.jpg Glitter Butterfly 4 Sized.jpg Glitter Butterfly 5 Sized.jpg Glitter Butterfly 6.JPG Glitter Butterfly 7.JPG Glitter Butterfly 8.JPG Glitter Butterfly 9 .JPG Glitter Butterfly 10.JPG Glitter Butterfly 3.JPG 001.JPG 002.JPG 009.JPG