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RW & BW Pg. 2

Lace Angles


These designs can be stitches as RW designs without the lace  border. Simply skip the first color stop. You can see a quilt made by Debbie with these designs on the project page.

SSRWBonnetGirlatPlay10.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay1.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay2.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay3.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay4.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay5.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay6.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay9.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay8.jpg SSRWBonnetGirlsatPlay7.jpg

Bonnet Girls at Play


RW Winter Girls


Lace Angel 1.jpg Lace angel 02Cutout.png Lace angel 06.jpg Lace angel 12.jpg Projects Pg. 1 Lace angel 02.jpg Lace angel 05.jpg SSLittleFarmerFive.jpg SSLittleFarmerThree.jpg SSLittleFarmerOne.jpg SSLittleFarmerSeven.jpg SSLittleFarmerSix.jpg SSLittleFarmerTen.jpg

Little Farmer